Summer is officially here: despite the odd weather we’ve been having the past few days, there is still some sunlight to be seen! And so, with this, comes BBQ’s, cookouts, picnics and just about anything else you can think of. So yes, you’ll need to be prepared to dress at any time in the summer get up so we’ve picked out 10 dresses to impress any time this summer because all we really need are a few dresses, don’t we?

Polka Dots Everywhere

A little reminiscent of the Yayoi Kasuma’s infinite dot artwork, or 101 Dalmatians. This dress is an easy and light dress to throw on to impress anyone on any day of the week.

Savannah Prints

This silk dress Is just what we were asking for with this long-sleeved wrap dress, you can prepare for anything this summer.

Monochrome it out

When all else fails, just monochrome your outfit! Luckily this dress is whiter than it is black so you won’t be melting to death in the heat because nothing else beats monochrome, does it?

Sparkle a Little

This metallic dress is the perfect thing if you feel like standing out a little this summer, and this metallic number is just the thing you need.

All the Prints

Just in case you wanted to really wear all the prints on you this summer.

Shirt it out

Perfect if you want something a little different for the office, but you still want that smart vibe. We’re pretty sure you’ll be the best-dressed in the office with this on.

Beach Ready

Just the thing you’ll need at the beach if you’re lucky enough to get to one this summer. But if you aren’t, this one’s perfect for a beer garden or BBQ.

Office Ready

You might be having an important meeting at work and you need to be ready for it, right? Because you really don’t want to be wearing a suit in this weather.

Embrace Yellow!

We know most of you wouldn’t dare to wear this color unless someone was forcing you to, but trust us, this summer you’re gonna thank us when you put on this little number to wow everyone you know.

Summer Wedding Ready

For some reason Jen has decided to have her wedding abroad, so now you’ve gotta go and you have to figure out something to wear? Luckily, we’ve got one of those things sorted out for you.

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