It could be said that the classic white T-shirt is the quintessential staple of fashion. With its versatility, simplicity, and ability to reflect the sun (we feel you people wearing all black in summer), it’s got it all going on. Here are a few ways to wear the classic white tee this summer…

Blaze(r) of Glory


Perhaps one of the quickest ways to get smart casual anywhere is to throw on a blazer, and we can definitely see why. So, we think this is one of the ways we’re definitely gonna be wearing our white tees this summer.



Skirts, Skirts, Skirts!


Get your skirts out ladies, because summer has come and that means that we can actually get our legs out! That is if the weather doesn’t decide to turn on us as it normally does. We can just hope I guess….


Slip it on

Yes, the new trend of the slip dress is back and it’s as strong as ever, because who wouldn’t want to look this stylish all the time? Plus, it’ll make you look like as though you’re a fashion editor without any of the stress.

A win, win from us.


Casual Vibes

Because after all the beer gardens, picnics and BBQ’s you just want to be comfy, and who could blame you?

So why not try it with some black skinny jeans and a slightly oversized white tee for that no fuss kind of style we all want to achieve, because who wants to get dressed up all the time anyway?

All White Everything

Because I’m gonna be doing the all black everything when it’s 30 degrees outside and my ice cream is melting on my hand whilst trying to concentrate at work, and yes, we eat ice cream at work when it’s hot…just don’t do all black.



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