Festival season is fast approaching and apart from seeing the acts and where you’re going to go, what you’re going to wear seems just as important as anything else! So, let us guide you a little if festivals aren’t really your thing because there’s a certain etiquette to any festival style to elevate you into the glossy street style shots online you see so often.

Put Prints on Anywhere You Can

As it is a festival, we’ll allow you to go a little tribal this time. The key? Make sure you stand out a little! It’ll get you into that festival mood and definitely be airy enough for you to be in a big crowd and not sweat….too much.

The Crop Top

With our most recent boom in pictures from Coachella, we see that the crop top has made it’s boom back into the world of stylish celebrities and bloggers.

Perfect for a hot festival, just make sure your jacket is quick at hand in England though. Especially with our freak weather habits, you don’t want to get caught in a crop top when the rain decides to pour.

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Tulle Skirts

Live out your inner Sex and The City dreams by wearing a tulle skirt or tutu this festival season! Bound to make you stand out amongst the rest of the crowd, and pretty stylish if we may be so bold.

Jackets Galore!

Now, this may seem a little weird to say, with the fact that festivals are (usually) hot, but these pictures are persuading us to the ways of the jacket just a tad this year.

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Probably the perfect time to get out one of our jumpsuits…right?

Keep it Simple

Because after all, aren’t festivals just about having fun? And can you really have fun if you’re wearing high maintenance kit you’re worried about dirtying up? We think not!

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