Today I decided to talk about how to hide your belly with clothes. The pursuit of the ideal is very important for many women.

This ideal, as a rule, has a very specific color of hair and eyes, a matte skin, and a chic figure. And still, this imaginary image is pleasant, without exception, to all men. And if the hair can be easily grown or cut, change their color, for the eyes came up with lenses, and for the skin – cosmetology, then the figure is all somewhat more complicated. Even those lucky ones who are lucky with natural data, with the birth of children, the wrong way of life and just with the years can face the fact that the former harmony and elasticity of forms remain in the past. And until the correction of nutrition and fitness classes can help to return to the notorious ideal, one can try to hide the belly with the help of clothes and other shortcomings of the figure.

hide your belly with clothing

The stomach is most difficult in this respect. It is on him that the main load is during pregnancy, it is his muscles that are least involved in daily life and quickly lose shape. But, following simple advice in choosing clothes, you can easily hide this problem area and always seem to be tightened in the eyes of others.

Clothing hiding belly

In order to hide the belly with the help of clothes, start best with linen – a special, corrective figure. It is made of dense, tightening fabric and can visually remove up to 10 extra centimeters. Well, if it’s a body or panties with a high fit. They should be sewn from natural fabrics and fit in size, then they will be able to perform their basic function as best as possible – to give the stomach a plane, and the waist is thin.

Casual Wear

Next, pay attention to casual clothes. Many women, confronted with the imperfection of their figure, make the same mistake – they try to hide it behind baggy, loose clothes. In fact, this only emphasizes its shortcomings, making the forms even more voluminous. Dresses need to choose strictly their size, but with small tricks that can hide your tummy. This can be vertical clasps, tucks or cuts. Dresses and blouses should be lightly fitted, but in any case not to tighten the body – this will emphasize all the wrinkles and excess centimeters on the stomach. For the same reason, you can not buy clothes smaller than your size or sewn from an elastic, stretchable fabric.

Visual trickery

Another way to hide the tummy with the help of clothes can become a visual illusion. Skillfully using the right color solutions and distraction, you can seem much slimmer. So, a monochrome, even a bright outfit visually reduces the volume in the whole body. A dark color in the form of a wide central vertical strip, framed by the lighter helps to make the figure much slimmer. And the miraculous effect created by thin vertical or diagonal stripes is probably used by everyone who has encountered problems with the figure.

In addition, having studied your figure and determined at least one of its winning side, you can try to divert attention from the belly to it. Such a winning side can be a beautiful neckline or slender long legs. In order to emphasize them as much as possible, you need to stop your choice on dresses and tunics with an overstated waist and having an average length.

Forget about the clothes that emphasize the imperfection of the figure.

These are things with a low waist, short shirts, T-shirts and blouses, outfits with large details and drawings, and a horizontal strip.

Now you know what kind of clothes to hide your belly, and, having brought your wardrobe in line with these recommendations, you can successfully hide all the imperfections of the figure and always look slim and fit!

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